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What our exhibitors say

Static exhibitions are good because many people visit at the same time, but you have less chance of being able to discuss in peace and quiet with your partners about future projects, solutions and possible thoughts, that both they and we can have. The roadshow, on the other hand, is an excellent opportunity to reach out to more people who do not have the time or opportunity to get to, for example, Stockholm, which usually gets a lot of focus. We have made important contacts participating in Monitor roadshow over the years, and many projects and collaborations have been born from a meeting there.


Christoffer Fagerström

Product Specialist, Specialelektronik


At Intinor, we always strive to work close to our customers, with headquarters in Umeå this creates some logistical problems. Monitor Roadshow Southern Sweden solves this by giving us a perfect forum for meeting both existing and new customers. In a cost- and time-efficient way, we travel to four cities and we can easily meet the customers on their home ground. The team around Monitor Roadshow then solves all logistics and service in a professional way, which further adds great value to us.

Daniel Lundstedt

Nordic Sales Manager, Intinor

I think Monitor Roadshow is a very good and cost-effective way to reach out with new products to many customers. In addition, it is an excellent way to strengthen the customer relationship with our existing customers and create new contacts with new customers.

I am convinced that when the market becomes more and more global, local contacts become more important. Getting a face on a seller and knowing that there is someone to call is important for the customers.


Johan Zachrisson
Technical Sales Representative, Bellalite


Our participation during Monitor Roadshow gives us good exposure and creates new contacts for us. The concept of the tour is flexible, cost-effective and lets us as exhibitors focus on what makes good results. It is advantageous to travel to customers who you may not be able to meet otherwise and to show up in new geographical locations and broaden our potential market. The trade fair's scale and the selected premises allow for more relaxed and personal customer meetings than the larger, often confusing trade fairs.

Aart Gigengack


Monitor Roadshow is an excellent way for us to get closer to our customers, who can come a couple of hours and take part of our range of products up close. The trade fair is smaller, more intimate and also quieter than other larger AV trade fairs. We get to talk with each individual customer and get to meet significantly more people during the same amount of days than if we would have done it ourselves.


Stephan Segermark

Sales, Sennberg


Monitor Roadshow gives us the opportunity to meet customers on their home ground. There are no given "meeting places" in Sweden, and at the major international fairs such as ISE, it is often busy days for both exhibitors and visitors. In addition, many companies cannot afford, or don’t have the time, to travel to the international exhibitions. Monitor Roadshow takes the exhibition to the customer! We are given the opportunity to show the latest news in a downscaled format, at the same time as we have the opportunity to discuss with visitors and industry colleagues.

Trond Solvold

Sales Director, Dataton

A simple and cost-effective way to present your company and reach new potential customers. The exhibitors can travel with the tour bus between the cities and then come to the venue the next morning, where all the equipment is ready for them.

And best of all, everything's included in the price of the stand. We're exhibiting in Norrland, southern Sweden and Finland.


Eija Nurkki

CFO, Electrowaves

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