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umeå 12/11

Signalvägen 3, 903 22 Umeå


sundsvall 13/11

Clarion Hotel Sundsvall
Skepparegatan 9, 852 34 Sundsvall



Quality Hotel Galaxen
Jussi Björlings väg 25, 784 32 Borlänge

Michael Tebinka


Ohsoweird AB

"It's probably the third time I've been here and as usual it looks very nice with a good range of exhibitors. Then it's very grateful that you come here because we have the office in the middle of Gävle, so it's easy to get to here for a visit. A big plus is that you also focus on us north of Stockholm."

Kristoffer Berglund
Director and producer
Ohsoweird AB

"The chance to meet the dealers and learn a little about all the new and exciting technology in a relaxed way is something I appreciate. We get the opportunity to learn more about new products and at the same time the dealers get to know us customers in a good way. That contact is very important."

Martin Romanowski

EMEA manager


"It's always exciting with the Monitor Roadshow in Northern Sweden, as it's not every day you get to meet all new and old customers north of Stockholm. It's really fun to get the chance to show off our products and we will of course also accompany you during the upcoming Roadshow in Southern Sweden."

Brands 2023

Exhibitor List

Exhibitors 2023

Opening Hour

Opening hours

10:00 – 16:00

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