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Exhibition made easy

Thinking of becoming an exhibitor? Being an exhibitor couldn't be any easier. Let us show you just how easy it is.

Pick a tour that suites you

We have a range of tours for you to pick from. Want to reach a new audience in Sweden, Norway or Finland? We got you covered.


Anders Olsson


“The concept is great. We get to where the customers are.”

Tomas Nylén


“At large trade fairs you have very little time with the customers. With Monitor Roadshow, you have proximity and it’s much smaller. Encountering customers in this environment is completely different. It’s really very good.”

A simple and cost-effective way to present your company and reach new potential customers. The exhibitors can travel with the tour bus between the cities and then come to the venue the next morning, where all the equipment is ready for them.

And best of all, everything's included in the price of the stand. We're exhibiting in Norrland, southern Sweden and Finland.

Eija Nurkki

Electro Waves Oy

Monitor Roadshow

Monitor Roadshow is the Nordic region’s largest touring B2B trade fair for professionals in all sections of the audiovisual industry, with a focus on networking, technology and business. Here you get to meet potential customers with influence over purchasing in their organisations, and have the opportunity to make new business contacts. Monitor Roadshow is a quiet trade fair, which creates a conversation-friendly atmosphere between you and your visitors. During each tour, we visit several locations over a one-week period. This makes it possible for visitors who can’t travel and spend a full day visiting a trade fair to spend some time at the fair during the day. 

Our goal is to make things as simple as possible for you as an exhibitor. We ship your goods between the roadshow locations and transport your stand personnel. On the roadshow day, we place your goods in your stand, so all you need to do is get there an hour before the fair begins and unpack your products. We do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on what you’re best at – selling your products and services.

Why should I choose Monitor Roadshow?

With everything included in the fixed price (transportation, marketing etc.) Monitor Roadshow is as cost effective as it gets. 

Low price

A fixed price makes it easy to budget for the roadshow. What you see is what you get.

Fixed price

A maximum noise level of 60 dB makes it easy to have uninterrupted conversations with visitors. That means no more distractions.

No distractions

We take the trade fair to the people. To people who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to visit trade fairs requiring long journeys.


You meet the right people. Our visitors are people with influence over purchasing in their organisations and who are interested in your products and services. 89,2% of visitors have influence over purchasing decisions in their organization.

professionals only

It’s simple. We ship your goods and transport your stand personnel between roadshow locations so that you don’t have to waste time on logistics.


It's effective. With a wall-free and limited area of ​​3x4 meters, you have time to get everything in place in 1 hour. You save both staff and time.


Our upcoming Tours


Tampere – 15/10

Turku – 16/10

Helsinki – 17/10


Oslo – 28/10

Trondheim – 29/10

Bergen – 31/10


Umeå – 12/11

Sundsvall – 13/11

Borlänge – 14/11



Malmö – 3/3

Gothenburg – 5/3

Stockholm – 7/3

Our Tours

Exhibition made easy

Step 1. Book your booth

You start your journey as an exhibitor on Monitor Roadshow by booking your booth space at one or more of our tours. You find the exhibitor form here.

Booking done

Step 3. Send of your goods

Now that the two first steps are over it's time for you to send your goods to a specified location. Just mark your cases with a Monitor Roadshow Label that you will receive after booking. From now on we will handle all transportation of your goods during the tour.

Step 2. Specify your order

After you booked a tour you will be prompted to give us some more details about your order. At this step we want to know how many cases you are bringing to the tour and what kind of electricity you need.

Step 4.

Show up!

When the day comes and it's time to open the doors to all the anxious attendees all your gear and cases are placed right at your booth. The only thing you need to do is to set it up and maybe grab some free coffee.

Bonus step. Buss trip!

One of the most appreciated features of touring with Monitor Roadshow is the buss trips between the cities. Enjoy the fantastic company of other exhibitors, free food and beverages and sometimes we even do a big quiz with a fantastic prize to win!

Exhibition made easy
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