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Gothenburg 14/3

You need to register for a free entrance ticket to attend these seminars.

It's first come, first served. No other ticket than the entrance ticket is needed. But seats are limited so be there early to secure your seat.

11:00–11:45, Room 1
Zactrack – The next generation of real-time tracking

Daniel Löfgren, Technical salesperson at Gobo AB

Zactrack is a system for real-time and 3D tracking of where artists or objects are in a room, on a stage or in an arena. The technology used is radio tracking on the UWB band (6.2-6.7 GHz). The system is insensitive to external factors such as sunlight, confetti or smoke.


Transmitters and antennas can be hidden under clothing or behind wood, fabric, plaster etc.

The system is available in three sizes – Mini, Smart and Pro – where the Mini system is for the smallest productions and the pro system can keep track of an entire arena. The data you get from the system can be used to control sound processors, video servers and above all moving lights.


Assembly and configuration of the system is almost "plug & play" and all programming takes place either via an app in a tablet PC, or via the light table. Today, Zactrack is widely used on productions around the world. Most recently at Rihanna's Super Bowl Halftime Show. Come and be inspired to use tracking as a creative tool in your production.


Language: Swedish

11:00–11:45, Room 2
PIXERA – Introduction to the next generation
mediaserver platform

Fabian Pointinger, International Sales Manager at PIXERA – Intersonic

In this short tour-de-force presentation, you will be introduced to the most important aspects of the popular PIXERA media server platform. You will learn why it has become so successful in recent years and how it can benefit your own AV business.


About the speaker

Fabian Pointinger is PIXERA's international sales manager and is responsible for managing the company's partners. He is Intersonic's first point of contact for all PIXERA-related issues in Sweden and Finland.


Language: English

12:00–12:45, Room 1
A deep dive into the Qsys Ecosystem

Daniel Vadberg, Technical salesperson at Audiovision and trainer

In this seminar, Daniel Vadberg gives an overview of the Qsys ecosystem, which aims to provide an overall overview of Qsys' various products and the various solutions that can be created based on this. We also go through a few different case descriptions to show how to apply the technology in real life.


About the speaker

Daniel Vadberg has been working at Audiovision for 5 years as a technical salesperson and trainer and has many years of experience with control systems, image processing and sound solutions.

Language: Swedish

13:00-13:45, Room 1
AV over IP for Dummies

Johan Hoel, Senior account manager VAR &Pro AV at Netgear

We go through everything from planning to commissioning for your projects with AV over IP with Netgear. This in a way that everyone understands!


About the speaker

Johan Hoel, Senior account manager VAR & Pro AV at Netgear has many years of experience in PRO AV. With roles ranging from Support, product management and system consulting to Account management. With broad knowledge in Pro AV, BYOD, BYOM and networks, he has a solid background and understanding when it comes to designing networks and infrastructure for a problem-free AVoIP system.

Language: Swedish

13:00–13:45, Room 2
Wireless microphone systems

Leslie Lello, Product Specialist and Project Manager at Wisycom in Italy – Semafor

Leslie Lello talks about the latest in wireless microphone technology. A good seminar for those who work with wireless. Leslie will be speaking on two areas of wireless technology:


Wireless microphone systems

• How is the RF world changing?

• New technologies and solutions

• RF Distribution new goals

Focus on modern RF over fiber techniques in advanced design & workflow for studio, OB van, theater, live and ENG applications.

Language: English

14:00–14:45, Room 1
Audience microphone, personal listening
and hearing aid in one system

Nikolai Petef, Sales manager Sennheiser Business Communication

In this seminar, Nikolai Petef presents MobileConnect with the new AudienceMic.

Starting as a BYOD hearing aid, MobileConnect has now evolved into a two-way communication solution designed to easily enable inclusive audience engagement at events and lectures.


• A talk-back function in MobileConnect - turn any smartphone into a microphone in the sound system

• An audience microphone that does not need to be handed out

• A feature that delivers everyone's voice to all phones and speakers in the room

• A facilitator for audience engagement in question sessions and discussions

Language: Swedish

14:00–14:45, Room 2
From business idea to global success!

Jörgen Larsson, Business Development Music Tech, at Brewhouse Incubator which is a national incubator that offers business development support to startups with a focus on music, stage and new technology.

In this seminar, Jörgen Larsson from Brewhouse Incubator goes through what help is available if you want to take your business idea to global success. There will be future scouting of the trends that will affect the industry as well as a review of new exciting startups with connections to sound, light and image.


• Brief history of technology that has affected the industry.

• Which are the Swedish companies that exist today?

• What trends will affect us, AI, Sustainablility, AR/VR, Blockchain and NFTs.

• New exciting startups with connections to sound, light and image.

• Where can you get help and how do you work with exploring business ideas.


About the speaker

Jörgen Larsson has a background in sound and music and was responsible for many years for Akai Professional and Akai Digital in Sweden. Over time, Jörgen switched to IT and has worked with media and telecom at IBM, among other things. In recent years, he has worked both in and with startups in technology. Today, Jörgen works at Brewhouse Incubator as a business coach for startups in music, stage and new technology, where he gets to combine many of his previous professional experiences.


Language: Swedish

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