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Gothenburg 9/4
Svenska Mässan

You need to register for a free entrance ticket to attend these seminars.

It's first come, first served. No other ticket than the entrance ticket is needed. But seats are limited so be there early to secure your seat.

Smooth and fast stage set-up – without clamps or wedges –
and the first front-load lifting tower approved for outdoor use

Christina Kabel,

Build flexible stages and stands without clamps or wedges – it only takes three minutes to set up a twelve square meter stage – completely stress-free. Come and see how it's possible.

Nivtec and the new Innodeck stage and grandstand podiums are big in Denmark, Norway and Finland – but not so well known in Sweden yet. Both podium systems are certified by the Danish Technological Institute, so they are approved for use in Denmark, which has special regulations for stages, auditoriums, mobile stages and stage tents.


About the speaker has a close collaboration with Denmark's Technological Institute and Christina Kabel talks at the seminar about the Danish requirements for setting up stages, mobile stage wagons, stands, etc. has also had the first front-load lifting tower approved for outdoor use – we will show it at the seminar.


Language: Danish/Swedish

Working with immersive audio and object-based mixing

Joel Bexelius, sound technician and sound designer at Malmö Opera

In this seminar, Joel Bexelius talks about what it's like to work live with immersive audio, which is establishing itself more and more as the new future live format, and about the differences, advantages and disadvantages compared to traditional mixing.


About the speaker

Joel Bexelius has a background as a musician and adaptor of compositions, but in recent years has worked as a producer, sound engineer and sound designer, both in the studio and live. Since 2018, he has been employed at Malmö Opera as a sound technician and sound designer and as such has worked with everything from opera to large musicals and various concerts.

Language: Swedish

Pixel LED (dvLED) – What to think about before a project

Jacob Sjösten, Technical Sales Professional at Leyard Europe

It is no news that sales and demand for dvLED are increasing everywhere. However, there are a lot of things you should think about.

• Where will the screen sit and what will the primary area of ​​use be?

• Who is the viewer, what should be shown on the screen?

• Is it an indoor/outdoor or is it somewhere in between?

dvLED walls are built like Legos and then there is all the talk about pixel pitch. So many different models and much more to keep track of. SMD, Flip-Chip, COB, GOB, Micro-LED, dear child has many names, we'll sort it out. Controls are a new concept to many, but it is the image processor itself that holds everything together. During this session we will go through these subjects so that you get a basic understanding of how to think about your first dvLED project.


About the speaker

Jacob Sjösten, Experienced Product Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the B2B and consumer electronics industry. Strong sales professional with business development skills. A social team player with a technical background who knows how to turn technology into real values for the customer.

Language: Swedish

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