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  • What is Monitor Roadshow?
    Monitor Roadshow is a touring technology fair where the leading developers and manufacturers of professional equipment and services from the AV industry meet. Here they present their latest news and products as well as inviting you to exciting and educative seminars.
  • How do I get my free ticket?
    To get a free ticket for any of our events you just need to head over to our ticket page and pick the city that you want to attend and follow the steps.
  • What do I do with my ticket?
    If you have followed the steps and got your ticket the only thing left for you to do is to bring it to the event. You can either print it out on paper or bring it on your phone, as long as the QR code is visible.
  • How to I attend a seminar?
    You start by visiting the seminar page and pick the seminar you want to attend. After that you just complete the registration.
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