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Do you need chairs or another table? To make your experience at Monitor Roadshow as painfree as possible we need you to fill out the form below.

First! Select the tour to which this order applies

All prices represent the total cost for all three cities.

How many packages will you send with our transportation company in Stockholm?
How many tables do you need?
How many high stand tables do you need?
Do you need chairs?
Goods are submitted to: 

Tech Trans

Galgbacken 3

176 77 Järfälla


Opening hours:
Weekdays 07:00–16:00


Tel: +46 8 20 20 26


Enter Monitor Roadshow in the subject line

Maximum dimensions per package:
190 x 80 x 210 cm (H x W x L).


You leave your goods to Tech Trans no later than 15.00 three working days before Monitor Roadshow opens its doors. Each package must be clearly marked on all visible sides with your company name and stand number. A pdf file will be emailed to you which you can print out and put on your goods.

NOTE! For loose packages (eg cartons and fabric bags), ’Ica cages’ (roller cage with only two walls) or pallet (with or without wheels) an additional SEK 5,000 is charged per package and transport distance. This also applies to packages that exceed the maximum size in at least two dimensions.

Tech Trans has full carrier liability insurance.

Do you need bar stools?
What kind of electricity do you need?
Do you want a fixed internet connection (10 Mbit/s)?
Do you want a comfortable and sound-absorbing graphite gray carpet in the booth?
Do you want to be able to scan the accreditation badge for easier follow-up (lead capture)?
How many people from your company will attend the industry mingle and the awarding of Monitor AudioVisual Award?
NOTE! All prices include all three cities.

Thank you for your order! A confirmation mail has been sent to your given email adress and will arrive shortly.

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