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Stockholm 14/1

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Christer Lidberg.jpg

Room 1: 10:30–11:15

Taking the risk out of Networked AV

Christer Lidberg, Technical Sales Engineer – Harman Professional

Networked AV is on the rise and is widely being accepted as the future or AV solutions but is the AV industry ready?  How do we deploy and support networks to transport video and audio?  Thankfully there are some simple guidelines that can be followed to manage and mitigate the risks of supporting AV network installations.  This presentation is aimed at anyone specifying, designing or installing NAV solutions and is looking for advice on how to ensure a simple and safe network rollout.


About the speaker

Christer Lidberg has a broad 30+ years’ experience of the Pro AV market, both as an integrator and a long time Harman distributor. Since three years Christer now works for Harman focusing on instilling technical knowledge on Enterprise AV Solutions to the Nordic market. 

Language: Swedish

Matt Dodd.jpg

Room 2: 10:30–11:15

SDVoE, The Matrix Transformed, and more

Matt Dodd, CEO of Clavia Group & Head of Education for the SDVoE Alliance

This presentation will guide you through how the Software Defined Video over Ethernet Alliance are leading the way with AV across a standard Ethernet architecture. The SDVoE Alliance has seen a healthy growth in membership month on month and the SDVoE Academy has been welcoming over 1200 new students in the past year who are keen to learn more about this exciting technology. With over 750 certified design partners the SDVoE Alliance is already more than just the Matrix Transformed.  


About the speaker

Matt Dodd is the CEO of Clavia Group, a training and video marketing company which specialises in the AV and IT marketplaces. Matt is also Head of Education for the SDVoE Alliance and he and his team are responsible for the SDVoE Academy, working with the Alliance and its members to create brand new video education content each week to publish on the academy website.


Language: English


Room 1: 11:30–12:15

Challenges and solutions in modern wireless intercom

Tobias Kronenwett, Area Manager – Riedel

It is very important that your intercom works hassle free in all situations whether it be in broadcast, theatres or other productions. It can sometimes even be a question of life and death.


Tobias Kronenwett from Riedel gives a presentation and overview of the current challenges in wireless intercom today and for the future. 

The focus is on DECT frequency solutions and Tobias will explain different approaches which are possible and already in use.

Language: English


Room 2: 11:30–12:15

How do we take advantage of modern networks and keep control?

Henk-Jan Blok, Support and Application specialist – ELC lighting/GreenGO

The amount of show data sent around a stage today is growing rapidly. The demands get higher

and higher. How do we setup a steady network that can keep up with the growing demands? How do we manage and control all this data? Can we take more advantage by combining multiple disciplines like lighting data, IP based intercom and audio on the same network?


About the speaker

Henk-Jan has long experience as lighting system designer/engineer on large shows and events,

always seeking the best way to set up reliable and maintainable networks.


Language: English

Daniel Intinor.jpg

Room 1: 12:30–13:15

Broadcast television live over the internet

Daniel Lundstedt, Regional Sales Manager – Intinor

The Internet is everywhere and makes it possible to broadcast TV live in a more cost-effective way than through traditional satellite and fiber. More and more live broadcasts are therefore becoming realistic to carry out. However, the Internet does not guarantee that all data will arrive with high quality and short delay. This seminar highlights the most important things to think about in order to broadcast live TV over the internet and to minimize the risks of interruption, how Intinor implemented this in its products and how a major events can be live-produced and broadcast with a limited budget. You also get to take part in a case where we take a closer look at the problems that can arise and how we can solve these in a smart and cost-effective way.


About the speaker

Daniel is responsible for Nordic sales and marketing at Intinor. In this role, he helps small and large customers with the challenges of broadcasting video over the Internet.


Language: Swedish

Jonas headshot.jpg

Room 2: 12:30–13:15

Radio frequencies and signal transmission: the art of managing large scale live production events 

Jonas Næsby, Customer Development & Application Engineer – Sennheiser

The demands on audio professionals are constantly evolving: more channels, bigger stages, more complex RF conditions, faster setup. And no compromises, ever. Sennheiser wireless transmission expertise helps audio professionals meet these challenges each and every day – and we are happy to share our knowledge and provide insights into how our customers overcame the challenges posed by ever-increasing demands in audio industry.


About the speaker

Jonas Næsby is an application engineer with a profound background in wireless RF technology and frequency management. Since joining Sennheiser over a decade ago, he was involved in numerous designing, implementation and management activities concerning some of the most complex wireless systems in the world. These include, but not limited to, Eurovision Song Contest, Melodi Grand Prix shows, Folkemødet (Danish version of Almedalsveckan) as well as theater, broadcast and conference venue installations. Being in a constant contact with European Supervisory Authorities, particularly in Nordic countries, Jonas is one of the most sought-after technical consultants and RF trainers in Northern Europe.  


Language: English

Lorenzo Sassi.jpg

Room 1: 13:30–14:15

Audio over IP (AoIP) and network-based audio technologies in real life

Lorenzo Sassi, Product Specialist – DirectOut Technologies

What are the real opportunities and obstacles when combining different network-based solutions?

AES67 is an interoperability standard for audio transmission supported by Dante, Ravenna and other Layer3 AoIP protocols. And what do I need to know about Layer2 formats such as AVB or Soundgrid? This seminar compares the standard with actual implementations and highlights potential pitfalls and solutions.

The presentation gives a brief overview and describes issues and shows some practical solutions for successfully combining different standards that at the same time offer maximum redundancy levels.

Language: English

Mårten Ihre.jpg

Room 2: 13:30–14:15

Immerse your audience in 3D sound

Mårten Ihre, Product Specialist – AVP Sales

Imagine yourself at a show where the sound no longer arrives from the stage in a regular stereo image, but immerses you in an entirely new experience, placing you at the heart of the performance. New DSP products are now available that give the sound designer the possibility to work in a true 3D environment thanks to object-based sound sources and psychoacoustic principles. For the visitor this means a whole new dimension of experience and the sound designer can finally match the visual impressions in todays events.

About the speaker

Mårten is educated at KTH and the then named Dramatiska Institutet (now STDH) and has an exam in theatre technology with focus on sound design. Earlier job positions includes sound design and working as a sound engineer at the National Touring and he was the sound designer/sound engineer during 10 years at the Stockholm Parkteater.


Language: Swedish


Room 1: 14:30–15:10

The new MA3 software and the new open file formats GDTF and MVR

Daniel Löfgren, Technical Support and Seller – Gobo A/S

During this seminar we will go through and explain all the the new features of the grandMA3 software as well as explain and give examples of how to use the new file formats: General Device Type (GDTF) and MVR (My Virtual Rig).


The GDTF file format was developed by Vectorworks, Robe Lighting, MA Lighting along with other participants, to simplify the management of fixture files through CAD, visualization and on to a light table.


The file format MVR (My Virtual Rig) is used to share both 3D and fixture data between light tables, visualizers, CAD programs or similar tools. The format is based on GDTF.


About the speaker

Daniel has worked as a lighting technician and designer at rental companies, tours, theaters and events since 2000. Interest in MA Lighting's system has been great since Västerås Konserthus chose to invest in a grandMA in 2001. For two years he has worked as a technical support and seller for Gobo A/S.

Language: Swedish

Johan de Sousa Mestre.jpg

Room 2: 14:30–15:15

How to avoid an acoustic nightmare

Johan de Sousa Mestre, Acoustician – Akustikkonsulten

Everyone has arrived, eagerly waiting for the congress to begin. The content you are about to present is displayed clearly and in rich detail on the screen behind you. What a great meeting this is going to be, right? But as you greet the audience, the audio quality turns out to be far from acceptable. The panic in the congress hall is spreading. Something is not right. Is it the technology? Is it the room acoustics?

In this seminar, renowned acoustician Johan de Sousa Mestre from the Swedish acoustics consultancy Akustikkonsulten will explain the importance of a well-functioning interaction between sound and acoustics using current examples from his work with a state-of-the-art congress center in the city of Borås.

About the speaker

Johan de Sousa Mestre is a leading expert consultant in room acoustics, speaker acoustics, AV technology, experiential acoustics and musical communication. Johan is based at the Akustikkonsulten’s office in Linköping.

Johan's project portfolio includes the National Opera in Oslo, Stockholm Opera, Gothenburg Opera, Malmö Live, Partille Arena, Borås Congress Hall, Norrlands Opera, Dunkers Kulturhus and Folkteatern in Gothenburg. Johan is a civil engineer but also an educated opera singer and musical artist, with roles including Carmen, the Barber of Seville and Kristina from Duvemåla.

Johan is also active in education and development. He teaches architecture at Chalmers and has worked with audiovisual realism in Virtual Reality (SHAR), develops concert experiences with speakers (RESE) and has extensive experience in designing room acoustics and architecture (Acoustic Studio).

Language: Swedish

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